Quick Guides



To help you enhance your audiology knowledge and further assist your patients with their ear health, we have created a series of audiology based Quick Guides.  These one page educational resources are designed to be a quick reference tool for you when you need them.

Sudden Hearing Loss

View our flow chart to understand the patient referral process for patients experiencing sudden hearing loss.

Understanding an Audiogram

Understand how to read an audiogram with our easy to view Quick Guide.

Ear Anatomy Poster

Get a better understanding of Ear Anatomy with our downloadable Quick Guide.

Otoscopic View

View the difference between normal and abnormal ears and those with excessive ear wax with our Otoscopic visuals.

What is Auditory Processing Disorder?

Find out how to recognise APD in your patient and the treatment options available.

Tinnitus - Causes and Solutions

Learn more about the causes of Tinnitus and the management options available for your patients.

Hearing Aid Funding

Learn more about the types of government funding that may be available to your patients.

Hearing Protection

Learn more about the types of hearing protection that is available for your patients.

Listening Strategies

Learn more about active listening strategies for patients that experience hearing loss.

Noise Induced Hearing Loss

Learn more about what Noise-Induced Hearing Loss is and what to do if you suspect a patient has it.