Patient Self-Service Hearing Screening Kiosk


Hearing Screening Kiosk

Dilworth Hearing is pleased to now offer patient self-service hearing screening kiosks for free-of-charge hire from our clinics and installed in GP practices and pharmacies.

When you hire a hearing screening kiosk from Dilworth Hearing we’ll contribute up to $100/month + GST to help cover the costs of running the kiosk such as wifi and power. In return, by encouraging your patients to use the hearing screening kiosk we hope to help a minimum of 10 extra people a month.

What is a hearing screening kiosk?

Our Hearing Screening Kiosk is a 2-channel calibrated audiometer, delivering a pure tone test on an iPad. The software is an app developed by two biomedical engineers.

Fast and effective testing:
The test takes 5-7 minutes and can be done independently by the patient.

Instant results:
Hearing results are available in real time, with direct referral pathways for your patients who indicate further testing may be required. This is true holistic care which triages tests to prevent unnecessary inconvenience and cost to patients.

Assumptions that a patient can hear you is removed:
6 out of 8 of the most common chronic diseases are linked with hearing loss. Often there is an assumption that a patient with these chronic diseases can hear you. Our kiosk testing takes away the assumption. A baseline hearing check on a patient’s file can assist with the diagnosis of these chronic conditions.

How does a patient use the kiosk?

They simply tap on the iPad and follow the video instructions to complete the hearing screening.

Once completed, the patient’s results will be securely uploaded to our cloud storage, where one of our clinical team will triage them and get in touch with anyone whose results indicate hearing loss to book a full diagnostic hearing assessment.

As per usual GP referrals, the cost of the full diagnostic hearing assessment will be $60 (usually $120).

Frequently asked questions

Can we see a kiosk in action before committing to hiring one?

Yes – get in touch with our team and we’ll bring one out for a demonstration. You can even check your own hearing!

What happens if the kiosk gets damaged?

Let us know immediately and we’ll replace the unit.

What if the iPad doesn’t work?

Keep it plugged into a power source and your wifi, and our team will be notified automatically if anything looks unusual. Otherwise, simply give our team a call on 0800 345 002.

How do we clean the kiosk?

We will supply disinfectant wipes and disposable headphone covers to keep patients safe. When you run out, let us know and we’ll send some more right over.

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