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CRS Scientific Journal - Volume 7, February 2024

This issue features reviews four aspects of speech understanding in noise. The first explores enhancing the sensitivity of the digits in noise self-test for individuals with conductive and unilateral hearing loss. The second investigates the disparity in performance between speech in noise and understanding degraded speech in noise in quiet, focusing on people with hearing loss versus normal hearing subjects. The third paper provides guidelines for replacing Word-Recognition in Quiet with Speech in Noise Assessment in the Routine Audiologic Test Battery. Lastly, we provide a systematic review on the Efficacy and Effectiveness of Wireless Binaural Beamforming Technology with a specific view of improving Speech Perception in Noise.

CRS Scientific Journal - Volume 6, March 2023

This issue features reviews on the relation between hearing sensitivity, cognitive function and speech perception in noise, the importance of providing patient-centred care and the importance of using extended high frequency audiometry for detecting early signs of hearing loss in patients with gout, a specific type of arthritis.

CRS Scientific Journal - Volume 5, May 2022

This issue offers insight into understanding patient empowerment along the audience health journey, along with age-related hearing loss, depression and auditory amplification.

CRS Scientific Journal - Volume 5, February 2022

This issue features articles about the transtympanic intermittent pressure therapy for Meniere’s disease, diabetes-induced auditory complications, COVID-19 and audio-vestibular symptoms and more.

Research Archives

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Audiology Review 1

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Audiology Review 1

Released January 2013.


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